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After speculating in my previous post that RW isn’t going to be approving new phones, but instead is planning on moving RW customers to one of Dish’s other mobile carriers (Boost/Ting) I went to Boost mobile to see their prices and check if my phone was compatible. What did I find out? After entering my device id here: Boost Bring Your Own Phone, Switching is Simple | Boost Mobile

It says “ This phone is already active on our network.”

Really? Would love others to check and respond to see if my one device was a fluke. Thanks.

Nope. Mine just tells me “great news” and gives me a link to get a SIM card. Maybe your phone has a CDMA SIM. Sprint’s IMEI checker had a habit of telling you that you were already active on their network even if you were on one of their MVNOs.


I checked both of our Moto G5+ RW phones. One has GSM and the other CDMA SIM cards. The GSM phone gives me the message that it’s compatible and that I can get a link to get a Boost SIM. The CDMA phone tells me “this phone is already active on our network…”. Interesting.

On a related matter, my daughter has an iPhone on the Boost network. They recently sent her a SIM promising her better coverage on their “Expanded Network.” When she switched to the new SIM card, her coverage deteriorated to the extent that she’s now looking for another carrier in Santa Barbara, CA. I’m guessing that they are switching their Sprint CDMA SIMs to T-Mobile GSM SIMS. Could this be the plan for RW? I am hoping that they switch us to AT&T.

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Tried it, just tells me " Great news , your phone is compatible " so I guess that’s good.

In my experience, @cbwahlstrom is correct. Historically, Boost was a Sprint brand. The network in question is Sprint’s as there is no physical Boost network. Republic CDMA SIMs also use Sprint’s legacy network (now owned by T-Mobile but mostly still separate) for coverage.

You are correct, sir!

To an extent, it is/was the plan for all providers using Sprint’s legacy network because ultimately Sprint’s legacy network will go away. The 3G CDMA portion is currently scheduled, according to T-Mobile, to be sunset as of January 1, 2022. The 4G LTE portion of Sprint’s legacy network is currently scheduled for sunset on June 30, 2022. One or both of these dates may or may not change as the result of a future T-Mobile decision and/or regulatory intervention.

In theory, T-Mobile will ultimately fold Sprint’s spectrum (coverage footprint) into its existing network but, so far, reality on that has been uneven, at best.

Seemingly, this is DISH’s goal for Republic and other DISH owned brands inclusive of Boost and Ting Mobile. That’s the stated reason for DISH signing a network services agreement with AT&T. How and when it all plays out, time will tell.

I’d just like to see DISH make their minds up about what they are going to do and get on with it already. This is like waiting for the 2nd shoe to drop. The longer they drag it out and delay such things as new phone selection, the more I wonder if it’s becoming a cause for concern. No wonder some people are looking at other carriers.

Granted, wait and see isn’t terribly satisfying. That said, much of this is industry changes not just a matter of Republic transitioning to being a DISH owned brand. Boost and any other provider using Sprint’s network would be transitioning DISH or no DISH. Many are moving to T-Mobile’s network. A few Sprint based providers are moving to Verizon. I’m unaware of any (with the exception of the presumed eventual DISH owned brands Republic and otherwise) that haved moved to AT&T’s network.

If I wished to acquire a shiny new phone not currently supported by Republic, I’d be sufficiently frustrated to consider alternatives. I’d look for another no contract provider, so that I retained the option of returning to Republic if I so chose. If I were paying Republic annually and that was due for renewal, I’d likely opt out until things were more settled. Otherwise, I do not see particular cause for concern.

Doing so is more than reasonable but, perhaps, not necessary depending upon one’s circumstances. Since the launch of 3.0 with a few one-offs from LG and Huawei, Republic has supported models from Samsung, Google and Motorola. Due to the history between Republic and Motorola, Motorola phones are popular choices among Republic members. In the larger market, Samsung sells more phones by orders of magnitude than all other Android manufacturers (inclusive of Google and Motorola) combined. The only brand rivaling Samsung’s market share in the U.S. is Apple’s iPhone and, of course, Republic has never supported iPhone.

This year’s Samsung A-series, S-series and Note-series phones are all Republic compatible. Many albeit not all current Motorola models are Republic compatible. For the most part, it is Republic’s current lack of support for new Pixel models at issue.

Yeah, I keep getting messages about my so called boost account, I don’t answer them cuz I am rw. I think it’s a ploy for you to panic and answer and then go to them.

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