My Discourse Cheat Sheet

This is kind of interesting. Adding a ‘dash’ (horizontal rule) on a line by itself underneath text, will change the font size…

Hi @c1tobor = (Hi @c1tobor)


Hi @c1tobor = (Hi @c1tobor)
( - )

I guess it’s treating the text as a Header?.

That is because:

Header 1

Header 2

Header 1
Header 2

Same as

# Header 1
## Header 2

Just made it so that you can easily re-size images. Now able to reduce size by a %.



![svg|500x500, 10%](upload://5QkqSnX6yGm4cVs2eGoHHim0md0.png)


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Cool!, (kwel). :flushed:

Discourse allows iframe? Very cool!

Ah HA!

You can currently override the naiveté filter by enclosing a ticket number in parentheses.

Ticket number 1102102 becomes ticket number (1102102)

But… E-mail address remains ( :roll_eyes:


You can also do:

~~Strike~~ = Strike


looks like the only real override of the number rule is the trailing )
for example 1234567)
of course (1234567) is more readable.
For email address \ seems to work; but
(\ makes it a bit more readable.

FWIW, even though the email is hidden in the post, hovering on the link shows the actual link in the bottom left corner of the browser window.

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