My email is freezing

My emails keep freezing. will work for a minute or 2 and then freeze
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----------I turn my phone off every evening to recharge. I’ve had it 2 yrs. In the past week, emails have begun freezing. The functions will work at times for a minute or 2 and then freeze again.I have YAHOO email service. I checked with them and they report no problems.

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Hi @annes.555fbj

Have you tried the Yahoo email app yet? Many of the email services work better if you use the app designed for that service. Here is a link to the app in the Google Play store:

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Hi johnny 5,

I followed your link and, in the review section for the APP , I was astonished to find that at least 50-60 people are having the same issue as I have. And these reviews are just for May and June 2020. There are a few comments

apparently from Yahoo saying they’re aware of the problem and working on it. Yahoo on my ipad and imac have straightened themselves out but Yahoo on my android phone is still a mess. I’m just glad we’re not traveling these days

and need the email function on our phones to be sharp and responsive !

Thanks for you answer.


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