My Emergency Alerts are from my old home town. How to update?

I still receive amber alerts (and sometimes weather alerts) from Alabama where I used to live almost 2 years ago. I currently live in the north east.

How do I update my location for my alerts?

Yes, I have location services activated on my phone, Google Pixel 4a.
And, I updated my address everywhere that I know of (obviously I missed something!)


Hmm…Wireless Emergency Alerts should only be based on the location of cellular tower to which you are connected. Do you have some app that might be generating these alerts? FEMA or Red Cross come to mind.

Thanks for responding. I agree that it SHOULD be location based. It is possible that I signed up for alerts (somewhere/somehow) and don’t know how to disable.

I’m going mark this as solved because I don’t think this is a RW issue.

Do the alerts come in the form of an audio warning and popup screen? Or are they in the form of a text message? If in the form of a text message, you should be able to reply with STOP to be removed from future text alerts.

Hi @aeromac,

I’m exploring the possibility that this may have something to do with how the SIM card is provisioned. Can you please let me know which phone(s) on your account is/are affected? (You can name them by phone model name rather than the number.)

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Hi again, @aeromac,

We’ve made a provisioning update in our system for one of the phones on your account. Please reboot your phone and let us know if you continue to receive the alerts from Alabama. Please also let us know if the other phone on your account needs the same attention.

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Hi southpaw!,
My wife’s moto g is acting funny (connects to Wifi–disconnects–connects–etc.). If you made changes to the Moto then something is not working.

Unfortunately, I only receive messages sporadically, so I wouldn’t know if I no longer receive Alabama notifications until a few months of inactivity…

Thanks for looking into this.

@cbwahlstrom this is a good question. I’m so used to swiping it away that forget! I’ll check this next time. It could be a text that I can stop subscribing to. Thanks!

@southpaw I forgot to mention that my phone is the Pixel (this is the one that receives the alerts). The Moto is my wife’s. Her phone (the Moto) is NOT receiving the wrong alerts. But the Moto is acting weird now (as described earlier, where the wife keeps connecting and disconnecting. For now, Wifi is disabled).

Hi @aeromac,

I’m awaiting confirmation that only the Pixel’s cellular provisioning was updated.

When did the Moto’s WiFi connectivity issue start? What troubleshooting steps have you taken?

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@aeromac - Confirmed! Only the Pixel’s SIM card was updated.

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@southpaw My phone (pixel) appears to be working fine, but only time will tell if I get alerts from Alabama. My wife’s phone (Moto) is connecting normally now. Don’t know what was wrong. I did try a bunch of things that did not work at the time. I’ll make a new post if problems persist.

Thanks again!


Thanks @aeromac, I’m glad your wife’s phone seems to be back to normal!

I’m moving this topic to our #discussions category for now, but if you remember to come back and let us know if the alerts stop, OR if you find a third-party app that may have been responsible for them and come back and let us know that, I’ll move it back to our #QA category so we can mark the right answer and help others who find themselves in the same situation.

(If you have a very good friend back in the old Alabama town who might be able to let you know the next time there’s an Amber alert… that would sure be great!)

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