My Favorite (Unexpected) Benefits

Today, I couldn’t find my phone. I knew it was here somewhere, but who knew where. It was super easy to grab the Extended Handset and dial the phone to find it!

Also, it is much easier and nicer to call grandparents from the extended handset for kids. I can still use my cell for other things and the child doesn’t accidentally hang up because the phone screen turned on.


Thanks for sharing @bestcee! The unexpected benefits are the best :slightly_smiling_face:


My favorites:

  • My 7 year old FINALLY remembered my phone number after calling me six gazillion times from the landline.
  • My kids have called both grandmas just because using a old school phone is so cool.
  • My kids can call other people without having to borrow my cell phone (and dropping it, accidentally push buttons, etc)

Another unexpected benefit: call quality over copper is apparently better than my Republic Wireless cell, according to my retired parents in Florida! Really?! :grin:

I would think call quality would be as follows:

  1. Wifi call (Opus)
  2. ATA (G711u)
  3. Cellular call

For me it was ease of installation. Easy Peasy. Also, the ATA blinks when there is a voicemail waiting for me on my cell phone. This is fantastic as my cell never notifies me when I have voicemail. I have to manually click through my phone app to find voicemail.

so far I love the RW Extended Phone system!!

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@obie -

Something I will test when I get back home. Sure do miss the flashing LED on our old Moto-G1’s. The ATA is sitting a little out of the way, but might reposition if this works the same way for me. Any extra notification indication like a flashing LED on ATA is welcome when I’m sitting at my desk. Thanks for sharing…

I am primarily using the extend home handset because of these benefits :blush:
1. No loss of audio during a call while walking around the house
2. No accidental hang ups caused by hitting the disconnect button
with the side of my face.


It’s nice to be able use my early '00s land line phone for calls on my RW number. I mentioned using it to a friend who’s also with RW. We would both be interested in the EH depending upon what RW decides for pricing the service.



AWESOME. Please do post a pic of your phone here! Out of Curiosity, What Landline Phone Are You Using For the Extend Home Beta?

Personally, I love being able to use the handset when I’m charging my phone. And I also don’t get distracted by notifications, etc. Much less, “Wait, why did I pick up my phone again?” moments.


Here is something that I just realized as a benefit for me:

While the business I work for during the night closes, we provide an on-call service for emergencies. We rotate though the schedule but the dispatch service has our cell phone numbers. Although I don’t like to be waken up for an emergency nor has it happened yet since the test began, I now realized that in case my phone is ever out of power or “accidentally” set on silent, my home phone (with a receiver in my bedroom) will also ring making sure I don’t miss anything.


I’ve been moving my devices around, looking for the optimal setup for connections and access.

Currently, I have the ATA in the basement, which will allow me to have a phone nearby.
However, I am one of those users that are exclusively on wifi @home because I live in a dead spot. Despite using Macrodroid, it seems like I’m still missing calls. So, I moved the VoIP phone upstairs (I was lucky to have a spare phone cable from basement to first floor). I’m basically using that phone as my “ringer.” I don’t need to have my mobile ring to know that I have an incoming call. It also helps when I leave the phone in the car or other “out-of-sight” location.


My ten year old is now taking my phone calls for me. I’m moving up in the world! :crazy_face:

On a side note, when she picks up the phone, mine continues to look like it’s ringing, but doesn’t answer when I swipe. That was confusing when I didn’t realize she had picked up the phone.

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