My fingerprint security does not work


I have a moto G and my fingerprint does not unlock the phone consistently. If I wipe the sensor, it will but then it won’t work the next time. The phone is not dirty. Would appreciate any thoughts


Do you have multiple fingers setup for recognition… my wife finds on her iPhone X that sometimes a different finger will work fine
From Motorola UK but should apply on this side of the pond


Oils and sweat on one’s fingers can be enough to flummox a fingerprint reader and even a touchscreen. For me, this is most obvious when out running in the South Florida heat. Attempting to control my phone’s screen and/or fingerprint reader is an exercise in frustration. Granted your wife’s circumstances don’t sound as extreme as what I describe.

Having multiple fingerprints (preferably from both hands) can be helpful. Wiping the sensor as you’re already doing is often the “solution” as well.

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You might want to try removing your current print(s) and then adding it/ them again.

Remove a fingerprint
Touch Settings > Security.
Touch Fingerprint, and unlock the screen with your pattern, PIN, or password.
Select the trash icon next to the fingerprint you wish to remove.
Select Delete to confirm.

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This, my phone can be hard to unlock after a long programming session because my hands are a bit oily.


Thanks everyone for the thoughts. I have had the phone for a while and it has only started to do this recently and the sensor appears clean.

However, I deleted all the fingerprints and put them in again and that seems to be working much better.

Have not tried using another finger but that makes sense also

Thanks again

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