My G4 has a poltergeist


Moto G4 plan is 1GB data

My phone has started acting on its own. By that I mean the dialer opens and it randomly starts dialing contacts, or the text window opens and it starts typing coherent sentences to people. Apps open on their own, I lose complete control, windows open and close, None of the control buttons perform as they should. It is very difficult to even power off. I have to do this 2 times daily. The only background apps I have is a blue light filter which I have disabled, and Avast Mobile Security which is regularly asking me to delete stuff and to hibernate apps, which I do regularly. It’s getting embarrassing to get call backs from people I did not intend to call. This is downright creepy. It’s been going on for over a month and I’ve been unable to stop it.


What’s going on is what’s known as “ghost touch” and is a known flaw with the G4. Motorola has been working with customers in trying to resolve this issue:

In addition, I would remove Avast, it likely is causing more harm than good. There is no need for such apps as Android manages memory, processes, etc all on its own.

Finally, there is a tip here that can help: Reduce occurrence of Moto G4 Ghost/Phantom Touch using MacroDroid


I have Avast not so much for memory but for virus protection.


In my opinion, so long as one acquires apps from Google’s Play Store or another reputable source like Amazon, virus protection is unnecessary. Typically, the cure is worse than the potential for disease.


My observations have been by the time Avast (or any anti virus) has identified and protected against a threat Google (Amazon) have already removed the effected app from the store and the damage already done to those installed, these apps mostly just take up space and memory resource


I experienced ghost touching on my original G4+ and two warranty replacements. In my opinion, the ghost touch issue is not likely to ever be fully resolved. The best solution I found is the MacDroid script illustrated in the thread linked by @louisdi above. Be sure to follow all of the steps in the first post of that thread.

While the MacDroid script is not a “cure all” for ghost touching, it significantly reduces the frequency of ghosting and may help to extend the useful life of your G4.


Thanks. In 2 plus years this has only now started happening. very curious.


You probably just reached that magic number of heating/cooling cycles where the problem appears.

It seems that heat causes the “ghost touch” to appear, like after being in a pocket close to your body, exposed to sunlight. a hot environment, or running a battery-intense app. As the weather cools, it will happen less. When in a vehicle, if you have a phone holder that you can mount in front of an A/C vent, this will really help alleviate the problem temporarily.


I got rid of the ghost touch phenomenon completely by turning the screen brightness down on my G4. It doesn’t happen any more.


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