My Galaxy A21 occasionly sends out wrong number

What phone do you have? Galaxy A21

What plan are you on? My Choice Talk & Text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Data only over WIFI

Issue Description

This issue has come and gone multiple times over the last few months.
My phone number is [redacted] but caller id from people I call see [redacted]

Today text messages i received showed up under correct sender but as new conversation.

I have restarted phone, reloaded Republic App.
Reloading Republic App and then enabling it fixed problem last time.

Why does this keep happening.
How can i get a permanent fix.

Please see the following help article:

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You may want to check out this recently added Tips & Tricks by @SuperT a Community Ambassador and frequent contributor.

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I set up Republic app to keep running when phone is asleep and it corrected my current instance of sending out the wrong number.
Hope this works going forward.

Thanks for repsonse


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