My husband is at Yellowstone and his phone says international roaming


Is he being charged extra for his phone saying international roaming in ng even though he is just in Wyoming?

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as a prepay service there will be no added charges,
this is most likely a private tower that has roaming agreement with underlying carrier but the owner still flags a international


Hi @davidt.wvdbsn

There are never any Extra charges on RW. There is no such thing as International Roaming on RW.

This sounds like it must be an app or something else.

Unfortunately, we don’t support international calling.

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Hi @davidt.wvdbsn,

You hadn’t heard Wyoming seceded from the U.S. and joined Canada? :smile: Apologies for the weak attempt at humor.

Does your husband see an option to simply say OK to the message? The message itself is spurious and may be safely ignored. As @drm186 observes there is never an additional charge beyond monthly service fees with Republic.

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