My internet is finicky and I go on and off of using cell data automatically



So my wi-fi at home has been on the fritz lately and whenever I am browsing the internet, watching a video, etc. my phone toggles between internet data and cell data. It’s not Republic’s fault for this. It’s just my wifi signal that’s the problem. How can I prevent apps that use some form of data from working when I’m only on cell data so that my data isn’t eaten up so fast? Is there a way to do that, or is there an app that can help me do that?


Hi @jennab.u1mf3x

There are many ways to address this. Here’s one:

When you are home, turn on Airplane Mode - this turns off all the radios in your phone. Then turn WiFi back on. This will leave your cell radio turned off so you can’t use cell data only WiFi.

See if this works. Don’t forget to turn Airplane Mode OFF when you leave the house.


another option is to turn off cell data in the Republic app when at home


If you want to selectively limit which apps can access cellular data, you might look at one of the no-root firewalls such as:


I would agree with @drm186, turning it off in our app may give the best results or using some kind of app blocking firewall can be a good option.


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