My issues with the Moto G line

Moto G’s are worthless. We’ve had and helped friends and loved ones with over 35+ phones, all non Moto G’s and they have all worked great. We decided to get a moto G3, have gone through 5 without one working, then a Moto G4 which didn’t work and now we are working on a Moto G5 that doesn’t work. Stay clear of the Moto G with Republic as its been over a year and they still don’t have a solution for us. I feel we have been fairly patient because the company is so awesome but unfortunately the Moto G is turning those feelings sour. Help Republic Help! Stop selling this phone that clearly doesn’t work! haha.

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I’m sorry that you feel this way. As a counterpoint, we’ve had the opposite experience. We had a Moto G1 in the family, then a G3, and now a G4 and G5+. Our experience was good with all of them and downright excellent with the G5+.

Republic Wireless is the best but unfortunately the Moto G family is letting them down. We have dealt with the Moto G3, 4, and now 5. None of them work properly. I don’t know if they keep sending us poorly refurbished phones but they are all awful. The time and energy put into trying to resolve this is killing me and probably the reps trying to help. What can they do when they have to deal with a phone that doesn’t work no matter what generation. Republic do yourself a favor and kill the Moto G from you lineup of phones. None of them work!
Outside of that I constantly rave about Republic to everyone I meet and they are shocked to hear what this company can do for its customers. Keep up the great work Republic but again destroy your Moto G lineup, or just burn all the refurbished ones you have because so far 6-8 of them don’t work. I’ve lost track!

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