My moto E 2nd gen won't ring with calls or texts


This isn’t the first time my phone won’t ring with incoming calls or texts. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the Republic app. I have cleared my cache. The volume is up. The priority calls in not selected. I’ve tried ##8647##. And nothing has helped. Any suggestions?



Have you tried Safe Mode to see if an app is interfering? Will it play music etc.?


It won’t play the radio without headphones. How do you check things in safe mode?


Hmm. Sounds like the speaker has failed. To get to Safe Mode hold the power button until the power-down dialog box appears. Then press and hold where it says Power Down.


You can run a hardware test on the speaker with the Device Help App :motohelp:


I did put it in Safe Mode and incoming calls still didn’t ring. Good idea and thank you.


Another good idea. However, since I failed to hear a ringtone on the speaker test, I guess that means my speaker doesn’t work. Do you know if there is a way to fix it? Thank you.


A repair at a local shop may be possible but might not be economically practical. A factory reset isn’t likely to help but could be worth a try.



You can take it to a cell phone repair shop but the E2 is getting long in the tooth and probably not worth repairing.


I know this sounds crazy, but my Moto E 1st Gen did the same thing. Make sure it is really the speaker that is not functioning. (If you try to change ringtones, can you hear anything?)
If there is no sound, try slapping the back of your phone hard a few times. I read this somewhere on the community forums and it worked for me and I haven’t had any problems since. No way did I think that would fix it, but it did.

Hitiing back of phone worked for me

I have seen reports that sometimes lint or some other foreign object can get stuck in the 3.5mm port, so the phone thinks something is plugged in…maybe a good ‘whack’ was able to knock the culprit loose.

Just a thought. :relaxed:


Thanks. It ended up being a software issue if I remember correctly. But thank you again.