My moto E died, I ordered a Moto G, I wanted the same number, did not get it, I need the same number and I can't call out using the sd card number memory

Need the same number from my Moto E transferred to my Moto G

  1. Did you order the phone from Republic Wireless? If you bought the phone somewhere else, the phone will be put on TMobile’s network and sometimes that’s a problem for some folks. 4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile

  2. During the activation process, you were given the option of upgrade/replace. So if you messed up and got a new phone number, then open a support ticket located at the bottom of the help page to get it fixed. Use the chat line if it’s available for faster service.

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  1. Your phone uses a SIM card and not a SD memory card to connect to cell towers. If you bought phone somewhere else, did you buy a new SIM card? If you bought from Republic Wireless, is the SIM installed in the phone or is it still in the box?
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