My Moto E (first gen) is stuck on an "activating" loading screen- what do I do?

Hello all,

I am currently staring at my Moto E first generation phone that whenever I turn it on it goes through the usual reboot/ opening Moto goodness and then to a black loading screen saying Activating. I have already gone through the steps of a factory reset and it didn’t change anything other than the opening Moto goodness I was talking about earlier is reduced to a stagnant Moto logo. I’m fresh out of ideas as to how to get my phone working so anything to suggest would be great! Thanks!

There is a decent troubleshooter here:,6720,9146

Thank you billg, but I am afraid nothing helped. I went through every option and recommendation and still I get a black “Activating” loading screen.

Hi @sydneys.1imn3s. It appears the community hasn’t much to offer considering the circumstance. This sounds like a software problem to me, but equally could be a hardware problem.

I would suggest opening a Support Ticket at this point. Instruction for that can be found here: Getting Help from Republic.

Of course, please continue the troubleshooting with updates or failures here in this thread, we love the feedback!.

Thanks @c1tobor. Upon your advise I sent in a ticket! We’ll see what they recommend for this curious circumstance.

Well everyone, it looks like I’m going to have to get a new phone… or a different one at least. Apparently if the factory reset doesn’t fix it, nothing can

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