My moto e messaging wife's moto E6. Both my choice 1gb plan

**What phone do you have. Me Moto E, wife moto E6

What plan are you on? both my choice+ 1GB


Issue Description

When my wife messages me it does not come through to my phone. On her phone under my name I open details then turn on “Only send SMS and MMS messages.” I have to turn on daily on her phone or text messages do not go through on my phone. My Moto E does not have this . It does say delivered though if "Only send SMS ect is in off mode. I have tried deleting and installing both our contacts.

As a start:

  • Makes sure you both are using Google Messages :messages:
  • Ensure you have turned off ‘Chat features’ found in the Messages App :dots: as RCS is not supported

Turning chat features off has helped. Am I missing anything special with that feature off? RCS?

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