My moto g 3rd generation

My moto g 3rd generation phone quit today. It’s 1 1/2 years old. Someone said there was a process to reboot it by pushing the buttons on the phone. Any ideas? I am older and don’t use my phone like a young person would.

I believe the process you are thinking of is where you press and hold the power button for up to two minutes to force it to start. A good thing to check before doing this is the charge level. When you first plug the charger into the phone the charge level should appear for about 10 seconds. The charge level should be at least 20%. If you don’t see the charge level then your charger could be bad or it could be plugged into an outlet that is switched off.

the hard boot is to hold the power button for 2 minutes (120 seconds) and release

please report back if this helps or not

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