My moto G does not turn on when the phone rings

#Moto Go does not turn on when the phone rings. When the phone rings, the face remains dark–as if it has gone to sleep–when I push the on button to light up the face the phone call is disconnected and I have to call back in order to talk. Is there a setting I’ve messed up? Something I should check.

A couple of easy things to try would be to place the phone in Safe Mode

Safe Mode

to check if one of your downloaded apps is preventing it from waking up properly for incoming calls.

Also, you may try to clear the cache

Clearing the Cache

If neither of those provide relief, the last option available is to perform a factory reset

Factory Reset

If the issue survives factory reset then you might be looking at hardware failures such a malfunctioning proximity sensor.

If it has been less than a year since you bought your phone see here for details about warranty and repair

Return and Replacement Policy

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