My Moto G fast had a system update and now won't hold calls

After updating, my phone drops calls. Then it rings and the person is still talking but I miss everything they said. Happens over and over.

What phone do you have?

Moto G fast

What plan are you on?
my choice 1G

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

Started right after an update. Calls connect then every few minutes it disconnects the call. Then the phone rings from that person. I answer and they are still talking and had no idea I was gone. I use this phone for work and need to fix it. Is there a way to remove the update?

Looks like it was a software version RPJ31.Q1-53-12
Updated May 3rd.


  • A quick search of the above, indicates your device was just updated to Android 11 from previous level 10.
    • I would make sure that all your apps are updated (via Google Play)
    • I would also suggest you use the Search function in Settings and if a setting for Wi-Fi calling is found, turn it off
  • I don’t have a Moto product that is eligible for the update, so hopefully others will chime in

Hi @azlumberking,

There’s not a way to roll back an Android update.

If this is happening to you when you’re on a WiFi network, would you please try disabling cell-to-WiFi handover in the Republic app, and let us know if that seems to clear up the issue?

  1. Open the Republic app
  2. Tap the Settings gear :gear:
  3. Tap Advanced Settings
  4. Uncheck Handover to WiFi when appropriate
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@azlumberking Are you still having this issue? Did the suggestion above resolve the issue?

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