My Moto G Fast shows 9 voice mails all he sudden

My Moto G Fast all the sudden shows voice mails that were from the last 2 weeks. Before this they didn’t display. What’s going on?

You were most likely affected by the recent update to the republic wireless app that went out to a small percentage of members before the visual voicemail issue was discovered.
It has been corrected and that is when your visual voicemail showed all your voicemail notifications. The voicemail was available by dialing into it, but you did not have the notification.


As mentioned in my original post, we have MOTO G Fast phones. Yesterday i received notifications of voice
mails which spanned the last two weeks. Many of them were about my Dad and Step Mom in the nursing home. Luckily it was not an emergency. We have My Choice + 2gb plans.

Hi @sprudo507,

I’m confused as to why you needed to repeat your original information to @grandbobby? He has explained why you saw your voicemail notifications arrive all of a sudden.

We had a bug in version of the Republic app that prevented Voicemail notifications and Visual Voicemail. When your phone updated to, that bug was solved and your voicemail notifications rolled in.

Did you have an additional question about the issue and the explanation that was given?

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