My Moto G3 will not interface with my computer


What phone do you have? Moto G3
What plan are you on? Republic Refund
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data included

Issue Description

I have tried all the suggestions for this problem to no avail,…different cables, different computers, etc. My old Moto E(XT1526) shows up as well as my wife’s Moto G4. The Motorola link to fix the problem no longer exists. I’m at my wit’s end and about ready to throw the phone and Republic in the trash.


Found this in the Help Center Support Notes … it may help


Tried this…“The Motorola link to fix the problem no longer exists”


What is it you want to accomplish by interfacing via USB with your computer? Almost everything can be done by interfacing with the cloud.


Prior to reporting the failure to Republic, I tested the link to Motorola and all the links to the different OS’s (using Chrome) … they all worked fine for me
Here is direct link to Motorola page


Tried all the links, instructions, etc. The link to update the driver does not exist any longer. When I tried this the first time I did not get a message to install drivers. The only thing the USB cable will do is charge the phone.


I prefer to interact with Google no more than is absolutely necessary._


This link appears to work for the driver.



Thanks, I didn’t drill to the Drivers :frowning: guess we can blame Moto :grin:


Thanks for the link! Downloaded the drivers, but still no luck.


You may want to consider an App called Airdroid allows drag/drop file transfers among other things


There’s an app I use to transfer pics and files using a Qr code made by the PC and use the phones camera to snap a pic of it then the PC is all connected wirelessly. It’s fast and easy!
Web PC Suite - File Transfer


Found the culprit! I replaced the micro USB port on this phone about 6 mo ago, so I started wondering if that might be part of the problem. Sure enough, I removed the port and reinstalled it, and now everything works. Maybe a contact wasn’t connecting or something.


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