My Moto G4 speaker stopped working


What phone do you have? Moto G4
What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

The speaker on my phone stopped working yesterday. I rebooted the phone, and my volumes are turned up in my settings. This phone is about two years old. Please help!


Hi @tonyaj,

This may be a hardware failure (let’s hope not). Are you referring to the earpiece speaker when on the phone? If so, do either the speakerphone or earbuds work?



No sound with earbuds or without.


I would checking the hardware by opening the Moto Help app (:motohelp:) and running the hardware test on speakers and headphones


Ok, did that. It says I may have a problem with my speaker. Lol, I knew that.


Yep,failed both tests.


I would also inspect the headphone jack and make sure it clear (the phone could be reading the reading some thing plugged in and at the same time preventing a headphone from being plugged in.

the next steps to rule out a software conflict is to
run the phone is safe mode, (if speaker works in the safe mode then it’s most likely an app conflict
Clear cache (How to Clear the Android System Cache on Motorola and Nexus Phones Running Android 8.0 or Below – Republic Help)
If the speaker works after this then you should be good to go
and finally a factory reset if speaker still not working after a factory reset (with no apps restored) then it most likely a hardware issue and you needs to either get it fix (though Moto Help or a independent 3rd party repair shop) or get a different phone



Hi @tonyaj
Were @drm186 suggestions helpful? Did you try the Clear Cache and or Factory Reset?

  • On the suggestion to inspect the headphone jack (@drm186) some folks have had luck with several cycles insertion/removal of a headphone jack … this sometimes can dislodge the pocket lint/debris between the contacts that prevent the speaker from working
  • :motohelp: Device Help (from Moto), found in the :appsicon: App Drawer, provides tests you can run from the ‘FIX’ tab Previously tried and failure detected


Thank you @jben I forgot to include @drm186 suggesting the headphone jack check!

I didn’t include the Moto Device help info because the OP had tried that suggestion, also from @drm186



Hi @tonyaj,

Were you able to solve the speaker issue on your G4? We’ve definitely seen clearing the cache solve similar issues on that phone.