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Been a member for a few years,I started out with the moto G1,which was my first smart phone.I had it for a couple of years until I smashed the screen,so I upgraded to the Moto G3 which was a really solid phone for me.After a couple of years the phone just slowed down and got really glitchy,I tried everything to keep it running smoothly but it just got to the point that I needed to upgrade and at that time RW had a back to school sale on the Moto E4 and the Moto G6 so I opted for the G6,it was $199 and that included the phone,power charger and 3 months of cell data.I absolutly love the phone! The only thing was the usb connector was different than the other phones,so the cable that came with the power charger doesn’t work with the phome,other than that it is a good solid phone and I have had no issues out of it.II have had the phone for about a month now and all is well.This is the first time I have ever used cell data,I was using wifi only with my other phones and so far for the first month I only used around 200mb of cell service.Once my 3 months are up I will be adding the 1 GB service to my plan as it has come in handy a few times to have it.Overall I give the phone 4.5 stars and the reason for not getting 5 stars is the power cord for the powetr pack doesn’t work with my phone. Thanks RW for being a great company with great service all these years.

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I agree with you that this phone needs a particular USB connection and this is somehow an inconvenience.


The Moto G6 uses the USB-C connection that all phones are moving towards. Within a year or two you won’t be able to get a phone with the old style MicroUSB… In fact, it has been a couple of years that flagships (such as the Samsung S8/S9, Note 8/9, Moto Z/Z2/Z3, Google Pixel/Pixel2) have been using USB-C.


I need some advice. I currently have the Moto X (2nd. Gen) and was considering the G6.
Is that advisable? Forgive my ignorance, but would that be an upgrade?
Thanks for your help,


Some of us have learned over many years that ‘ignorance’ only occurs when we don’t listen/read/ask :slight_smile: … so you’re not guilty!
Can’t speak to the Moto G6 … but this link will provide you a side by side spec comparison


Many Thanks!


A couple of other user provided sources that may be of interest … from users and found in Tips & Tricks


Hi @normanh.8sf376

I have an MXP (Motot X Pure). I bought a G6 under that “promo”. I think it was a good deal.

The ‘power-bank’ works well, the connection sare a 'bit tricky, see here…


I apologize @normanh.8sf376…(neglected the dates/post’s).

The Moto X2 was a great phone. The G6 is a very nice upgrade, in my opinion.


I bought the USB adapters to use my old chargers with a C type USB. Not all of them fast charge, but easy to keep as spares.