My Moto phone keeps asking me to update my phone

My phone keeps asking me to update my phone by clicking “yes, I’m in”. I’ve done it 3 times now. Why does it not install?

Which Moto Phone?
is this phone new?
there may be lots of updates to a phone released a year or 2 ago (about on every other month depending on the model)
all these updates need to happen in order that they where release by the OEM

If this is your Moto E 1st gen then you may not have enough space for the update to take place (4.4.4 to 5.1)

Moto E4. I’m at Android Version 7.1.1

My phone usually updates by its self, right? Why would I be required to do this separately?

Also, this morning after the 2nd “update” my phone said it was inactive…how would that happen? It was inactive all day yesterday because voicemails and texts came up
like crazy!

There was a bug that cause the auto-updates for the OS not to happen. You’ll want to keep manually updating until the phone says there are no more updates.

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