My Moto X will not hold a charge

**What phone do you have? Moto X 2nd generation

What plan are you on? Data rebate, talk, text, data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Includes all

Issue Description

My phone is not holding a charge. On average it holds a charge for about 3-4 hours but sometimes 2 or less if I am using apps. Started doing this about 2 weeks ago. Is it possible to fix this by just getting a new battery? I am very happy with my plan and I don’t want to change it which I think I would have to if I got a new phone.

Your battery has most certainly reached the end of its life.
It may be possible to replace the battery, via a cell phone repair shop, like CPR, it is not a thing that you could easily replace your self as the phone must be taken fully apart to have this done.

Note that the parts and battery for this old model have not been manufactured for some time now and any parts you get will not function well and will be a already used battery or a “new Old Stock” battery that has been sitting unused for years, which kills a battery as well.

If even possible to replace the battery, the cost will be far more than the phone is worth and you would save money buy buy/upgrading to a new current model phone. However, you wold have to change to the My Choice Plan. None of the old “Legacy Phones” that can be used on your current plan are manufactured anymore and are very hard to find in usable condition now.

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