My Moto Z play fell into the water and need to replace quickly


I want to replace it with a Moto G Plus 5 from Best Buy today. What is the procedure for getting a new sim card and how do I do it quickly? Thanks.


Hi @danielw.2sonpm!

You should just be able to take the SIM out of the old phone and move it to the new one (if they take the same size SIM). You can find the SIMs at Amazon ( ) or Republic ( Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit | Republic Wireless). That being said, how old was your Moto Z?.



Less than 2 months. I’m not sure if the sim card was damaged by the water?


Thanks for you reply @danielw.2sonpm!

Ok. Before you buy the new phone, I have a couple questions. Did you purchase the phone new? Additionally, did you purchase it with a credit card? If so, could you give me the name of the card? I ask this because many card now offer accidental damage protection for a period of time after buying a new device.

SIM cards are generally waterproof. It should work fine if you dry it off well.



Yes, it was purchased new thru Republic using Chase Southwest Rewards card. Thanks


Thanks @danielw.2sonpm!

I have good news! Looks like you will be covered for up to $500! I would advise you to first have a look at this (go to page 6): . You will have to give their benefit administrator a call in order to get the ball rolling. I hope that helps! Please keep me posted on what happens. I am very interested to hear the outcome of this as I have been interested in these CC benefits :slight_smile: .



I just talked to the CC company and sounds like it will be covered, I will have to fill out some paperwork. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the help.


Ok great! Thank you, I appreciate it-can’t wait to hear how it ends :wink: !


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