My Moto Z Play just got the prompt for Oreo!


After waiting for this to come through for months upon months, its finally here!

Going to play around with it, and if I notice any problems over the next week I’ll update them here. If anyone has any tips or know of any issues, I’d love to know.


I didn’t get any prompt, but checked for updates and it’s downloading now. :smiley:

Update: Installed on my Z Play and working well. Build is OPN27.76-12-22. The April Android Security Patch was installed as well.


Have you guys had any issues with battery life after this update?

My battery life is complete garbage since downloading this update. I’ve lost over 35% battery in only a few hours, where that same amount of juice would last all day before.


It takes a few days of full discharge/charge cycles to re-calibrate the battery and for the software to settle down after a major OS upgrade.

Also, its a good idea to do a factory reset and start fresh to clean out any left over remnants of the old OS version. This often results is far smoother and reliable experience and better battery life. Alot has changed in Oreo.


Waaaayyyyyy longer than a few days, but I did notice that same battery problem for the first week or so. Would it be safe to say that battery optimization reset itself?

Few things I noticed since the upgrade:

  1. Settings and menus are much faster. Not that they weren’t fast before compared to my prior phone (Samsung J3), but everything is a lot more streamlined it feels.
  2. Home screen now auto rotates as well if you allow it, pretty strange after all that time it wasn’t doing that.
  3. Getting notifications about apps running in the background that I ended up disabling, but it seems like a good feature for those of us who don’t know what they have going on in there phone?
  4. I’m starting to see the weird thing that I noticed on my buddy’s Nexus 6P where he wouldn’t be connected to WiFi but the Republic Wireless notification says he is connected to WiFi network “null”. Its very rare, but I wonder if its something to do with Oreo at this point.
  5. The camera seems a bit more responsive as well.


My SO has the Moto Z2 Play which is on 7.1.1, but hasn’t gotten the Oreo update yet. He has the April security patch, though. Any others here still waiting?


Has he checked for an update or is he just waiting for a popup that it’s available? I already have Oreo on my Z Play, but if I didn’t, wouldn’t be in any hurry to get it knowing how much less time between charges than with Nougat there is now. Things improved some over time, but my phone charges still aren’t lasting as long. I understand Oreo 8.1 somewhat solves this, but haven’t heard that Z Play will be getting it.


The Moto Z2 Play has not gotten the Oreo yet I’m also at the April update on that phone


He’s checked, and since my Moto X4 already got it, in fact I got the 8.1 update just a couple days ago, I thought it was past due on the Z2 Play but I guess not. X4 battery seems to be lasting just fine, so far.