My Moto4G+ wont Bluetooth


My Moto4G+ and my wife’s Moto 4 started having problems linking Bluetooth to our 1 year 2016 Toyota Camry

about 6 months ago. Intermittent at first-then receiving only when plugged in to charge, now impossible. Been to dealership fixed twice then twice unsuccessfully. Last time they said it was the phone. Last month found that my Moto 4+ would not pair with any of my devices. After the recent Android update I can pair with a head set but still not with my car. Is this common or am I on my own? Thanks in advance for your help. Cheers, Robert


You might try pairing with your Toyota Entune system with your phone in Safe Mode just to see if some app you have installed is interfering with Bluetooth.

Safe Mode

When I first got my 2016 Prius (also Entune) my Moto X (2nd Gen) paired OK but I could only answer calls. Placing calls was a mess. I replaced that with a Samsung S7 which solved that and let me take advantage of the other Entune features.


Take a look at this thread for some suggestions and workarounds

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