My MotoG doesn't find Wifi signal


My employer used to have two routers. My MotoG was connected to one signal, and all worked fine. They discontinued that wifi signal (router), and now I cannot connect to wifi using the other router. My phone does not detect/show the wifi signal. I can connect to the router using my computer, and coworkers’ devices, including phones, work fine. I have tried repeatedly to find the signal and connect my phone to wifi while at work but with no success.


which moto G?
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ???

next depending, is it 2.4 and 5.0 Ghz capable, phone and router
next is the remaining router ssid hidden (if it is hidden you will need to add it) will not show up in list


Sounds to me like you have the original Moto G which doesn’t connect to 5GHz wifi and that your employer’s new network is 5GHz only. Can you confirm the model phone you have (Settings – About Phone – Model)?


It appears that I have a plain Moto G. I cannot find any additional information about my phone. I think the working wifi at my job is 5GHz. That means I will not be able to connect to wifi at work, right? Thank you for your help.


I have a plain Moto G. I don’t think it is 5 Ghz capable, which is apparently the only working router signal at my job.


Yes, if under Settings – About Phone – Model all you see is “Moto G”, then that is a first gen, and indeed, it does not support 5GHz wifi (the phone predates the widespread use of 5GHz). If that’s all there is at work, you won’t be able to connect.


Thanks very much for your information and input. Do you know how easy it is to buy a new phone from Republic? Can you transfer apps, etc., or would I have to download them all again?


Buying a phone is simple, you can get one at the store here: or you can purchase one of the compatible phones from a 3rd party: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help If you purchase from a 3rd party you’ll need a SIM card: Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit | Republic Wireless

As far as your content transferring, there’s great info from a fellow customer here: How to Transfer Contacts, Photos, Text messages and Other Info to Your New Phone



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