My MotoG4-Plus seems to have a very sensitive screen and has ghost touch typing

Some days I have to power down 5 or more times. If I do get to open the phone, it is fine for awhile, but if I don’t keep using the apps or on a call, when I try to open an app, instead of opening, it asks if I want to unistall or delete. Which mean I get to power off yet again to reboot.

HELP! I don’t want to just give up on a $300 phone.

The warranty repair/replacement is done by Motorola…so I would recommend contacting them directly. If the phone was bought from RW and you feel you need RW’s help with the process, they can facilitate that action by opening a help ticket…but the ultimate resolution and action will come from Motorola.

My Moto G4 Plus was doing the ghost screen mind of it’s own thing.

A google search found, go into App, Settings, Brightness level.

Turn Adaptive brightness level to ON.

My phone has not acted up in since turning on the adaptive brightness level.

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