My Motorola Defy XT just showed a software update!


It did it automatically ! I hope this is legit ! Because I didn’t authorize it !


Wow @rickt, that’s quite a surprise.

Could you tell us the new build number?

(Edited, sorry, I forgot screenshots are not a built-in feature on the DEFY XT.)


That’s why I asked . Because couple of years ago Republic Wireless said there will be no more updates for the Defy XT


I’m not seeing your question, @rickt. Can you view the build number in the Settings app?


@rickt, to be able to address your concerns, we really need to know the build number on your phone. This can be found in the Settings app and then click on About phone.


Build 1_65K_1027


It sounds like your phone didn’t get this update when it came out 3 years ago. Here is a link to the information for the update when it came out. Software Update for Republic Wireless Motorola DEFY XT 1_65K_1027 – Republic Help


Wow Thats weird not getting the update for 3yrs. Talk about slow updates this one goes in the RW Classic oldy but goody.


Or it’s possible the notification he saw was for something else entirely. It may have even been a spoof of an OTA from a less-than-credible app or website.


You might be right, but he said it did it automatically so I assumed it was legit.


I always keep my Phone Updated. So that is why I asked did Republic send a new update. Now I am WORRIED ! And the only apps I have are the ones that been on the phone for 4 years, nothing new !


Wow! The fact that the Defy XT is still alive and kicking on RW is, in and of itself, quite impressive.
The Defy was our first smartphones, that’s one tough little device.


Do you happen to know what the update message stated?