My Motorola G5 Plus stopped seeing its sim card

What phone do you have? Motorola G5 Plus

What plan are you on? talk and text and 1 gb data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data talk and text

Issue Description

At first the phone throws an error about not being registered with Republic. (I’ve had the phone for over a year no problems) But don’t worry we’ll help you get registered. The next big green screen informs me that my phone is supported. It’s now telling me to insert a sim card. “Don’t have a Republic sim card? Buy a Republic sim card.” Then it takes me to a screen to purchase a sim card but of course I don’t need a sim card.

Hi @el_screwbullito,

I’m sorry to hear of the experience. Would you be kind enough to see if the trick that worked for an earlier Moto also works for your G5 Plus: "No SIM Card - Emergency Calls Only" on Moto G4 – Republic Help?

Hello rolandh and thank you for the quick reply. It turns out that several restarts in a row corrected this problem. I have no idea what was up but the phone is back to normal now. Thanks again!

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I’m happy to hear the restarts seemingly have solved the issue. Still, you might keep that trick in mind should the issue reoccur.

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