My New Moto G5 Plus Problem out of the box


Okay, new issue, I’m back on Republic and I ordered up a new G5 Plus. Very pretty. Step 1 - insert sim card tool into little hole on the side button. I’ve got the phone, I’ve got the tool - but there is absolutely no hole on the button, so I can’t open the tray to insert the sim card - any suggestions???


the SIM try should be on the top of the phone (and the hole should be there)


on top of the phone! got it - duh?? sorry for ignorance - thanks for video


your welcome


just to let you know, phone is activated, up and running. I so much appreciate your help.

Now I’m wondering can I set separate (different) notification tones for text and emails - I mean so they are different from one another. Thanks.


My email app lets me set a custom notification tone. I use Anywhere for my messaging, and it allows a custom tone as well, as does the stock Android Messages app.


Global Ringtones and Global Notification tones can be set in the android settings --> sounds and notifications
the contact app can set individual contact ring tones,
Most texting apps can set up a individual contact text tone
Most apps can alter it’s notification tones


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