My new Moto, verified compatible here by Republic assistant, says 'will not work w/ Republic'

I’m bummed. I purchased a new open box Moto G7 Play, after running the purchase by an assistant on here to verify it would be compatible. It arrived yesterday. I installed the Republic SIM card and tried to proceed with initiation and transfer of my old phone’s data. Got as far as this message: ‘bummer, this phone is not a fit for Republic’.

Hi @davidh.66j1ud,

What is the Android build number and software channel?

How do I find this out? All I know is it’s supposed to be XT1952-4. The only other details were in the listing, from which your assistant said that it appeared to be compatible:

How do I find out which software channels this phone uses, or whether it’s actually a XT1952-4?
Is there some reason the phone might be falsely indicating incompatability?

I find that listing suspicious…as it states in the description.

For some carriers such as Metro / Sprint / Ting customers will require activation in-store or online using the IMEI of the device. (Found inside SETTINGS -> GENERAL -> ABOUT)

In those same settings, it will says the model and software channel.

What many of these sellers do is take carrier version or pre paid version phones and sim unlock them and sell them as unlocked. They can get the pre-paid stock version dirt cheap and re-sell them for a decent profit.

The line about VZW makes me think that that sellers stock is old or even stolen VZW pre-paid stock.

Buying phones on ebay is very risky due to sellers mis advertising or simply not knowing what they are selling. Or they are selling out of someones elses inventory.

Additionally, no one here can verify or state that a phone off ebay will be guaranteed compatible.
We can only advice that based on the listing, it appears to be compatible.
U will never know what u will actually receive until u get it and install the RW app.

I recommend for getting unlocked phones.
Or buy direct from RW.

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OK then. It appears I was too optimistic. But I think perhaps your assistant should have warned me of this possibility.


What assistant do u mean? I do not know of a “Republic Assistant”
We are just fellow RW customer here on the community forums.
Did u ask here in the forums at one point?

Have u had a look at the phones settings About to see what the software build and channel is?
If it is the correct software channel, it may just need a OS update.

There are plenty of posts about others experience buying of ebay or third sellers.
Additionally, there is an article about this topic:

You may have done nothing wrong in buying that phone off ebay, thinking it woudl work. In fact, it would work for 99% of people that by to use it on normal carriers. But RW is a very selective and uniquw provider with strict requirements.

My mistake, I thought the helpers here were in some way connected with Republic, or had expert knowledge.
Then can you tell me from which source(s) I should buy an unlocked phone that I can be sure will be compatible? I understand that Republic has very specific technical requirements, which makes me wish the company had stuck with being the sole provider of suitable phones. Would have been a lot easier.

What is the software build and channel of the phone you bought off ebay?

One other indication of the phone being a carrier version, is if, when it first boots up, it shows a carrier logo, like VZW or Tmobile…etc. do u see anything like that?

The only source you can buy from that will for sure be compatible is direct from Republic.
You can also buy direct from the manufacture like Moto using the correct model number.

There are a few users here that are RW nominated “Experts”, but are not affiliated with RW.
Only southpaw is an RW employee.

The article i linked to in last post is the info you need to help finding phones, also the list of compatible phones.

SIM card Republic

Software channel says ‘Sprint’(?)

Android version 9

Build number PCYS29. 105-134-3

I didn’t see anything on start up other than the usual Moto stuff

Oh, at the top of Settings it says ‘Carrier Legal’ (?)

Should I just return it?

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AH. Well, sorry to say that is infact a Carrier version device.
The software channel as well as that build number indicate so(when i run a google search of that build number)

I suggest you start a return with the ebay seller and inform them it is not a Factory unlocked device. The factory unlock software channel is: “retus”. (which stands for Retail US)

OK, thanks very much. I appreciate your time. Have started a return and will probably buy through Republic next time, as I should have done.


Your very welcome. Hope you have a Happy Holidays.

Thanks – you too.

Hi David. Just a few months ago, I bought a new MotoG7play directly from Motorola because they had a great sale. It was buy one and get a Moto G6 free! I got the free phone for my husband because I wanted to sign him up for Republic service. I signed him up, received his sim card, inserted it and voila! Everything was perfect. When I inserted my sim card…I couldn’t get any data at all! My phone outside of the house was useless! Even inside, all I could do was make and receive calls.
I’d checked beforehand about compatibility and knew it wasn’t about that. I can’t tell you how many techs I went through! Try this, now do that… I called Motorola itself and they also put me through all kinds of tests to no avail. They had me call Republic and ask, as a last resort, have them send me another sim card. The tech at Republic called it an experimental card. I received it and…voila! has been perfect ever since!

Hi Micki. I hope I don’t encounter the same problem, but it’s just as well to be prepared, so thanks. I just bought a G7 Play from Republic yesterday. My first one from eBay is going back. You get what you pay for, I guess (that is, if you’re lucky!)


Has to be factory unlocked I’ve been in your situation

I’ll have one from Republic by the weekend. Will let you all know how it goes.


Hi @davidh.66j1ud,

I’m sorry to see that one of our Experts was unable to decipher from the listing that the phone was actually carrier-branded when the seller indicated it was a factory unlocked phone.

Did that phone actually indicate the model number was XT1952-4 in the Settings > About Phone menu?

Did you incur any expense, like a restocking fee or the return shipping cost, from this seller?

Hi – I think it was a case of the seller misrepresenting the product (it did state ‘XT1952-4’, but little else), as well as the strict technical requirements from Republic, that prevented the phone from working.
It’s in the process of being returned. so with luck I’ll only be out the (minor) cost of the Republic SIM card, which I no longer need.


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