My new Moto X has not taken my old Moto G's phone number!

Once again, and this will surely not be the last time, I’ve ordered a new Moto X Pure and was expecting my number to move from my Moto G to the new phone, and lo’ and behold, it did not move!

Why is this…? I have a new phone and it’s not attached to my old number! Why? Why? Why, oh, why…???

Please activate my new phone with my old number again, this happened last time and now again, and i am hoping this won’t happen next time for the third time…please lord please!!

Lionel S[redacted]


Again, I just bought a Moto X Pure and it hasn’t activated from my old Moto G…please fix ASAP thank you!!

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Good morning LIONEL,

First you should edit your question by deleting your phone number. This is a public area on RW’s Community website.

RW changed the phone ordering and activation processes last summer, 2016. There’s now a difference in the member action require to get the desired results. During the activation current members are now given an option to activate as a replacement which moves the old number.

Now that you have a new number the simplest thing to do is open a Support ticket and ask that the numbers be swapped between phones and old phone deactivated. This type of # swap will cause the loss of saved voicemails. Link for opening a ticket at bottom of the Help Center page.

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