My new phone experience

Just ported a samsung galaxy note 8 Factory Unlocked sm-n950U1 model to Republic- if you are looking for a great experience! It was easy to port items to using smartswitch app- it would be the same for “factory unlocked” s8 and s8plus. And side note- the messaging app that samsung put on it was third party open source and it does work even on cellular only with republic-- even though it tripped the message this doesn’t work. Learning curve though on where all the settings are on these devices- check out saki tech- btw I have not association with that you tube channel- I found it helpful!.

Oops should have mentioned that the flagship note8 cost me only 229 refurbished via new egg or tek replay

Out of curiosity, would you be kind enough to identify the third party open source messaging app in question? I ask because generally Samsung bundles its own Messages app with its phones. I do believe Samsung’s app is derived from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), however, it is not itself open source nor is it third party.

For anyone else reading here, Samsung’s Messages app is not compatible with Republic’s service. It will appear to work in some instances but will send text messages as coming from a wrong number and will fail on MMS (picture and group) messages.

For text messaging to work as expected with Republic service on Samsung phones, one will want to install Messages by Google or Republic Anywhere.

Isn’t Republic Anywhere kind of left for dead?

It’s true, Republic Anywhere is no longer being actively developed, so one should not expect new features. That said, Republic Anywhere as is continues to work with Republic activated phones and Republic has squashed multiple bugs exposed by newer versions of Android since active development ceased.

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