My new phone order not showing up under My Account


I just purchased a phone and signed up for service. I paid and have a confirmation order number. I want to transfer my phone number and followed the instructions to do so by going to my account first, but from there I am stuck. My phone order doesn’t show up, and it says that I have not orders within the last 90 days. I am logged in, however, I am still drawing a blank. As for transferring my number, the instructions say to go to my account and “under the service line you would like to transfer your number to, click the up arrow next to I Want to …” I cannot find the service line I want to transfer my number to. Any suggestions? [I hope this is not indicative of how my customer service experiences are going to be, i.e., non-existent]. Thanking you in advance for your help.


You could either:

  1. Be looking in the wrong place. Do you see your phone here: Phones | Republic Wireless

  2. If no, have you activated the phone yet? It must be activated with a Republic number first.

  3. If yes, the most likely solution is that it is activated under an email address other than the one you are logging in to the website with.


According to the Republic agent I chatted with a few minutes ago, my order isn’t showing up because it may take 24 hours for new order to complete being processed. Once it is completely processed, it should show up and then it will be possible to transfer my prior phone number to my new phone. I’m surprised that it takes this long to process a new order. I hope and pray that I did the right thing by purchasing my new phone service through Republic. I hope and pray this is not indicative of the service or customer service I’m going to receive once my phone is processed & activated. I’m a bit worried. It has been over one hour and I still have no active phones with Republic and nothing is showing up under orders. payments & returns.


The phone will not show up under Phones | Republic Wireless until it is activated AND you can not get the transfer started until the phone is activated.


Additionally you may not be aware of this announcement … may explain some of the delay


You will find your order invoice in your Account Portal under the Invoices section.

If you do not see the order invoice listed there after the 24 hour period you were advised of, then please open a help ticket so support can take a look at the order.

You can open a help ticket here:

As Louis stated, you will not see the phone listed under the My Phones section until after the phone has been activated. Only then can you begin your number transfer. The phone will be assigned a phone number when you complete activation, so you will be able to use the phone right away while you wait for you number transfer to complete.

You can find Activation steps here, which you will begin when you receive your phone:


How long will I have to wait after receiving my phone and completing the steps necessary to activate it before the phone is actually activated, a temporary phone number is assigned, I can apply to have my prior number transferred, and the number is actually transferred?


You can begin activation as soon as you receive your phone as long as you are in an area with good wifi.

Activation itself usually takes no more than an hour.

After the phone is activated, you can begin your number transfer request.


How do I check the tracking status of my package?


Hi @Surfelvis,

I moved your new question into this existing thread, since I believe you are still asking about the same order.

Once the order ships, there will be an order number in your account portal. Until then, we have no way to track it, our agents do not have access to the tracking number before you, so it is not available until it appears in the Account portal as @louisdi linked in the first reply in this thread.

I’m sorry the delay from the holiday has caused you a lot of concern.


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