My new republic phone is activated with a new number

I want to transfer my number from my republic Moto X to my new republic MotoeE4 then deactivate the Moto X.

Hello @karenc.ryu6sr
sounds like you activated the new phone as a new line (your far from the first to do this) you need to cancel the new phone line you created when you activated the new phone then reactivate the new phone as a line upgrade
go to your account portal and under the new phone tap the I want to then cancel service for that line (this will deactivate the new phone

then on the new phone you will reactivate though the Republic App and follow the steps and select u[grade your current line (this will move the number to the new phone and deactivate the old one.)

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Thank you I did what you said and my new phone has my old number now. Thank you all.


Your welcome
enjoy your holiday weekend

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