My new Samsung A21 fell in the litter box. How do I purify it?

I was almost done scooping out the litter box when my new phone took a dive from my jeans pocket. When I google, I just get own to clean litter boxes and how to care for phone that jumped into the toilet. Is a fine brush to dust off the litter dust and then an alcohol wipe a good thing to do? I am so annoyed that someone else didn’t take care of the box when he was in the kitty bathroom:( I just got the screen saver mounted on the phone. It was in a case, but I don’t know if removing it is a good idea since it’s on so tight, I may actually introduce litter dust or kitty pee germs:( The phone is waiting on the bathroom counter for my approach.

Hi @ladonnay,

Oh my! :cat2:
Here are instructions for cleaning your Samsung from…Samsung :slight_smile:

If it looks like nothing got between the screen saver and the phone glass you can leave it on. But if you see any of the litter stuff between, remove the cover and clean the screen. (You’ll need to get a new screen cover in that situation.)


I was interested to see that the Samsung article mentioned hypochlorous acid. This may be one of the few bright side to come out of covid - unearthing of this product.

I own and run a business where sanitizing is a high priority now. We came across this product and now make hypochlorous acid ourselves and save money and feel great about it. It’s non-toxic. Force of Nature is the brand that we use to make hypochlorous acid disinfectant. There are others but here’s their link.

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