My number is showing up different when I call people

After resetting my phone I texted someone and they didn’t know it was me because a different number showed up on their phone. How can I fix this?

Hi @chrisp.y6w2q9 and welcome to the Member Community. See if this support note helps –

If not, come back with a little more information, like model of phone so we can maybe provide more specific help. Hope this helps!

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Hi @chrisp.y6w2q9,

If by reset, you mean a factory reset; did you reinstall/update the Republic app post reset? If so, have you opened the Republic app and completed the resulting abbreviated activation sequence?

Yes. factory reset. I just got on Republic app and couldn’t find an activation sequence.

What do you see when you open the app? Do you see a screen titled “My Data”?

yes i do

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