My old phone broke, I bought a new Pixel 2 but I cannot activate it

What phone do you have?
Pixel 2.

What plan are you on?
Republic refund.

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Yes. It includes 5GB data.

Issue Description

I bought a new Pixel 2 after my Moto X (1st Gen) broke down.
I transferred my RepublicWireless SIM from my old phone to the new Pixel 2 phone, but I cannot get the phone recognize it.
The phone keeps “Configuring your mobile network” and the Republic app shows “GET SIM CARD”

The Moto X 1st Gen does not have a SIM that are usable in any of the 3.0 phones. You will need an RW SIM that can be obtained here Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit | Republic Wireless

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You can install republic anywhere on your new phone and at least get your text messages while connected to WiFi. Eventually the anywhere app will also support calling.

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Your old phone was a “Legacy” device and only is compatible with the old 2.0 plans that use CDMA (Sprint) partner.

The new phones can only be used in the current My Choice 4.0 plan which is primarily GSM (Tmobile)* and requires a new SIM card which can be purchased via the app or via the R.W. website.

  • The Coverage Map should determine, based on your zip code, what provider is best for your area, GSM or CDMA. Most BYOD phones require use of GSM first, but if you have coverage issue, you can Open a Ticket to request a CDMA SIM.
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