My phone activation

My phone will not activate does anybody work for this corporation to help people

Hi @maryanng.a6cijz,

Certainly there are folks working for Republic to help you and other customers. Have you opened a help ticket when signed into your Republic account here: Republic Help? If so, how long ago did you do so?

Alternatively, though we don’t work for Republic, there is a Community of fellow members more than willing to try our best to help. We would need more detail from you as to what’s going on with your activation to try. In case it helps, Republic’s activation guidance is here: Activate My Phone.

Hi @maryanng.a6cijz

You are posting in the community, where customers like you and I help each other. While this is not the support options typically employed by other MVNO’s, it works quite well once you get used to it.

I myself have found that sometimes activation can stall, usually a simple reboot fixes it…(power off/on).

Feel free to respond here with any and all questions you may encounter.

You may find these links helpful in regards to the community…

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While that may seem like a lot to browse through, just ask here, the community is a vibrant and active forum.

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