My phone bill is going up

Why is my bill going up, I am trying to find out why. Can I use the web site to find out what where my usage is. I usually have a 12.00- 15 dollar bill. I go on the internet but usually at home through the wireless ISP connection. How do I find out how the data is being used.

You can see where the data is being used straight from your phone through the Republic Wireless app. Click on with Wifi section (where it tells you how much data you have left). If you click on the bottom part, it will give a breakdown down of how much data is being used by what app. From there you can actually tell what apps can and can’t use call data. For instance I turn off my weather app (I don’t need it eating data driving down the road and I can always turn cell data on for it if I need to check the forecast and I’m not in a Wifi area). You may also want to double check roaming data is turned off since that get billed out at about 15x normal rate (sounds like you are on the 2.0 refund plan).

HI. HOW do I turn an app off ?

What version of Android do you have on your phone? You can go to settings -> Apps, go to that app and tell it to Force Stop. This is a 7 month old thread. Are you on the refund plan 2.0? Are you on the 3.0 plan? Depending on that, will determine how you can isolate an app from using cellular data.

it is my first smart phone. Even though I am very experienced with computer, wifi and the rest, this is hard to me.
I don’t know which Android version. I have a Moto E4. On the 1 gb plan. thanks for replying even if it is such an old thread.

Ok, you are on a 3.0 plan. For each app, you can check its settings to see if they have an option to use wifi only data. Otherwise, back under settings and apps, select the app in question, and go to data usage. You can turn off the background data so it will only use data when the program is “front and center” so to speak. If you need more control, you will have to look at some sort of vpn program that will give you control over what can and can’t access the internet.

right the VPN, I haven’t activated yet because every single thing wants to access everything, including the mobiwol app I was suggested to get by a Help Expert. And it scares me. That app would be the best, he said, to check data usage and interrupt online connection when I am outside

Be sure to close the apps when you are done with them. For sure when you are leaving WiFi. Click on the button in the lower right to bring up your recent apps. Depending on your Android version, if you scroll all the way up (or down) there should be a CLEAR ALL button to push, or you can swipe each on individually.

yes, good advise, thank you again !

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