My phone calls go straight to VM

When my phone has been inactive, phone calls go straight to VM without any notification. I have full wifi and cell signal. Once the phone is active, I receive the calls normally.

I have a Moto G 4 Play.

I thought that having better phones and the latest Android version would have solved this issue for RW. My previous phone, a Moto E 1st gen used to do this for awhile.

Any advice?

@fromR I experienced this problem and isolated it to a setting in my ASUS router. I had to turn WMM-APSD off to solve it. Here is some information on that feature:

I think the problem with this router feature is that when the phone is sleeping RW can’t find the phone on WiFi because their interrogation packets are buffered by the router instead of being sent to the phone. If the phone doesn’t get them it can’t tell the RW servers it is on WiFi so RW forwards the call to cell. If cell can’t find you the call goes to voice mail.

If you have an ASUS router and can’t find this setting let me know.


Thank you for answering my question. I do not have an Asus router, mine is an Archer C7.

I opened a ticket with RW Customer Service. They advised to wipe the phone cache. I did it. Hopefully this will resolve this issue.

I see your router has WMM but they don’t say which variety.

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