My phone cannot find the bluetooth headphone

Hi! I got a new pair of bluetooth headphone recently, but I cannot use it using my phone. It seems that my phone cannot find any bluetooth devices. The model is Moto X 1st gen. So, I am asking helps here. Any suggestion will be appreciated!

There are two steps, first making the headphones visible, then telling the Moto X to look for devices. I suspect you aren’t pressing a button on the headphones to make them visible. What make/model of headphones do you have?

On my headphones, I need to hold a button down for about 10 seconds until a light blinks red then blue then red etc. first. Try holding the button down for about 10 seconds on your headphones to initiate the pairing.

Hi bilg! I did press the button on the headphone to make it visible. Actually both my laptop and ipad can find and pair with it except my Moto X. I I turned on the bluetooth on it and keep the headphone close to it, but it just cannot find anything. I guess there is maybe some configuration problems, so I set my Moto X back to the factory setting today. However, the problem remains. Thank you for your advice!

Hi John! Thank you for your advices. My headphone works as exactly as what you suggested. I tried this beforehand. My phone still cannot find it. So, can you use the bluetooth headphone on your Moto X 1st generation?

Can your Moto X see any other Bluetooth device? Maybe the Bluetooth radio has failed. I used to have a Moto X and it paired with my Motorola BT headset just fine.


Google is a fantastic thing when issues arise. I googled these two pages with multiple fixes and workarounds. Good luck!

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