My phone cannot open

I cannot open my phone screen anymore…why???

Which phone do you have? By “open” do you mean it will not boot up? Does it have at least a 20% charge? You should see the charge level when you first plug the phone into a charger.

do you mean your password/pin/swipe pattern no longer working? or tough screen not responding?

or do you mean you dialer/phone app not opening

we need more details if we are to try and help

I charged 2days, but still can’t open

Try this: Unplug the charger. Count to 10. Plug in the charger. Do you see the charge level displayed on the screen for 10 seconds? If you do, let us know what the charge level is.

If you don’t, however, you might have a bad charger, the charger is plugged into an outlet that has been switched off, there is pocket lint in the charging port, or the phone has failed.

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