My phone died today


I have a Samsung S 7 and on a Choice plan.
Yesterday (the 22nd) I received a text message & my phone was okay.Today( the 23rd), it looked as though my battery didn’t charge last night.
When I put it on a different charger it shows a 100% charge. I use the fingerprint to access my phone nothing happens; the screen stays black. When someone tries to call me there is a message that the subscriber cannot be reached.
I really would like this solved with the holidays.

Thank You

Charlotte L


Wow, sorry to hear this. The S7 is a wonderful phone. You should be able to find help here:


Try holding down the power button for 2 or 3 minutes with the phone off the charger. That usually will get it working.


That is your default voicemail greeting, if you do not like the greeting as it is recorded, just record your own. Personalized is always better and makes callers more comfortable when they call.


Sean R,
Thank you for your help. I feel so dumb. Just need to remember to "reboot"
Happy Holidays to you


I am glad that worked. Have a wonderful holiday!


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