My phone has a bad echo for me when I call or for the caller when I receive a cell call

What phone do you have? Moto g power

What plan are you on? 1gb

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data

Issue Description

When I call someone on a cell, they get an echo.
When someone calls my cell I hear myself as an echo.
How do I fix this?
Moto g power.

Echo is not an easy problem to nail down a cause, but you have got a couple of questions out of the way, s

  • What we know:
    • When you call someone they hear an echo on their end
    • When someone calls you, you hear the echo on your end
  • Questions to help in the discovery process:
    • Does this occur when calling on WiFi, Cellular, or both?
    • Is this just to a particular phone number, or to a specific Area Code/Prefix … the 1st 6 numbers
    • Is there a case on the phone?
      • If yes, please remove and retest
    • Are you using the speaker when making the call or just the handset?
    • If yes, (using speaker) try a call to the same party using the handset?
  • Things to try:
    • Try tuning down the volume on your phone for testing

Hi Jben,

I’m generally on WiFi and the echo is when I’m calling on WiFi. I don’t think it occurs on Cellular. I just got this phone a week ago, so this is a new issue for me.

It occurred really bad in my own area code but also when i called outside of my area code.

Yes, I have a case. I’ll try it without a case.
Yes, I use the speaker. I’ll try without the speaker.

Sorry, but I don’t understand what you want me to try. Do you mean turn down the volume when doing the testing?
Thanks for your help, jben!

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Hi @ritaj.hfwarc,
I have one thing to add to @jben’s list.
Did you download a speaker enhancer app to help with low volume on calls? If yes turn it off or delete it.

I did not download a speaker enhancer.
Thanks, bocephous for your idea.

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  • Sorry, as a separate test, try lowering the volume on your phone. (I will correct my typo, as it was supposed to ‘volume’ not column )
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Hi, @ritaj.hfwarc
I see the system has bumped your discussion … have you had any luck on taming the echo?

Thanks for checking back. When I talk to another Republic Wireless customer the echo is horrible. Please re-send me the code. I will share it with him.

The echo with others has occurred one other time.

My calls are dropped on a regular basis. Tough to do business that way, Any help with that?

I don’t understand what you want to share with the other RW user that you have echo with (as I did not provide a direct ‘fix’ before)
The questions I posted above when answered by you and other parties with echo may lead to some more concrete feedback.

Ok. A community member sent me a code to stop the echo. I thought it was you.

I’ll check the WiFi Help suggestion.

There really isn’t a single cause for Echo, and as far as I know there also isn’t a single fix for it either. If you could share the code provided it might help better understand

The code was in his message. I don’t know it and don’t know how to find our communication link.

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Hi @ritaj.hfwarc,

The code you were given before was the dialer sequence that refreshes the Republic activation. Instructions are here:

I’m not aware that this code resolves echo, but it doesn’t really harm anything, so I suppose it’s worth a try.

The issue you are having with your calls dropping is explained here, with a temporary fix:

Thank you! So far---- So good.

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