My phone is acting as if I'm touching it when I'm not, and it's disrupting all of my phone activity

For a week or so, my new moto g, 4th gen, has been responding to a touch that isn’t happening. Nothing that I do stops this, not even rebooting the phone. It comes and goes every so often, but it’s an incredibly disruptive fault and it’s making it hard for me to use my phone at all.

Try clearing both the System and the App caches as outlined in Clearing the Cache

Please submit a help ticket

You are probably looking at hardware failure. They might make you do some debugging steps. But ultimately you

are probably looking at a warranty repair/replacement.

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  • There are two hardware test included in the Moto Help App (big Blue ?)
    • Touchscreen and Multi touch … you may want to invoke them to see if anything is pre selected or if a selection occurs while you watch
  • Some folks in the past have found that a clean display screen is better
    • Or you may have a screen protector causing the problem
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