My phone is always on wifi


Why is my phone always on wifi?


Hi @priscillap.nvdfz8!

Could we get some more info? Do you not want your phone on WiFi?


Republic is a provider that values wifi first, over cell connection, to make calls.

Other than that, if you connect your phone to a wifi, it will always be on that wifi for as long as you are in range, or, until you go into the settings and “Forget” that network.

You want to be on wifi. Other wise, you are on Mobile Data (LTE) and everything you do on the phone will eat your data allotment. Once you run out, you will need to pay for more.


Thanks. That explains it.


What kind of problem were you experiencing that made you think you were ‘always on WiFi’?

FYI … Republic Wireless App will provide both a ‘Status’ (top left on the phone) and Notification (1 finger swipe down) to let you know how you are connected and the expected functions available


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