My phone is dead


My speaker had been going in and out for a while. It finally went completely out. I took the phone to a fix it store and he attempted to fix a soldering contact. It was unsuccessful and now the phone won’t even boot up. I need to get a new phone now. If I buy a phone through Amazon or Ebay, do I just pull the SIM card out of the old phone? I bought the old one through Republic. It was a Moto G 4th Plus. Thanks!


Be certain the phone you purchace off Amazon or Ebay or Swappa, is a compatible phone for use on republic.

See These articles:


If the phone will not power on looking in the republic app is a no go the thing to look for other SIM itself is a dual colored ”republic’ with the ”re” in grey and the ”public” in green this will mean it’s GSM and able to be put in a new compatible phone


yeees. indeed. oops. somehow missed that key point.